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Join TALX Nov 29 for conversation about the state of the nation

TALX is KRFH's very first public affairs talk show. Each week we pick a new topic, research it, and discuss it. We bring on guests, gather interviews, and find interesting stories to play for you. We also encourage participation from our community! If you have a suggestion for TALX, a comment, or you want to be on our show, hit the button at the bottom of the page. We look forward to bringing you relevant and alluring content every Tuesday on our 7 o'clock TALX.

Do you have an idea? A group on campus no one has heard of? An issue that really grinds your gears? Well then let us know! Contact us through the button below or email our TALX manager at

TALX is a show for HSU students and we want to talk about what interests you. 

Request Line: 707-826-6077